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Personal Stylist

–Wardrobe and image consultations

–Closet edits

–Photo and Brand Styling

South Coast Plaza Personal Shopper and fashion    consultant


Arouse your senses, feed your soul...


Imagination, creativity, and results. My life as a fashion stylist and creative director is an ongoing continuum designed to arouse the senses and feed the soul; bringing a different perspective to each moment of each project–my life’s work is about telling the story through a vision that is unique and uninhibited by anything but love and light.


A veteran in the industry, I have a big imagination and I delight in watching people flourish while bringing an idea to life. Working in collaboration with a client is a fine dance; a choreography of characters, artists and great talent where I have the privilege of directing the dance. I view myself as a conduit between a client or project and its audience, allowing the picture to tell the story of our intended message


“I see the world in layers… discovering and admiring the beauty and purpose in unexpected, inanimate objects.” ~Sage Billick


What I put on the bodies from head to toe can either start the music or stop it quickly. As a stylist, I bring to my work an inherent understanding of how what is happening in the moment will translate on film. Fashion is or isn’t- It’s never, just a skirt, or only a bracelet. In styling a shot, every piece is like an instrument in the symphony.


As a stylist I hold open a space for people to expand their heart. When everyone arrives with an open heart, what transpires is extraordinary. 

Approaching each project with humility offers me an ability to work in a way that is fluid… being able to work through a problem if the need arises and turn the volume up or down according to the mood on set. 


Forever a free spirit, artists play in the world of what can be… It's about finding beauty in the most unique forms, offering a new perspective through a lens of what may not have ever been seen before, evoking the senses… bursting them open for one to be able to touch, see and feel what was intended.

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